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WooCommerce Product Support Extension

WooCommerce Product Support : WooCommerce has been cecoming the mainstay for people want to selling items online and as per latest data published now it is empowering nearly 20% of online stores. Even many of the sellers who are selling digital products are also preferring woocommerce as best platform. Unfortunately woocommerce is one of the best ecommerce extension yet it does not have inbuilt support feature. Selling items on online store requires many things like ecommerce platform, products, attractive design and so on. But suppose you have done everything but have not thought about product support, you may end up loosing your customers as after sales support is one of the key aspect buyer look for while making purchase decision.

WooCommerce Product Support will remove that hurdle and give you best possible way to offer support to your buyers. What this tiny yet powerful extension will do? Itwill directly integrate some of the best support forums platforms with your woocommerce stores. After integrating it with either bbpress, buddypress or any other forum, whenever some one purchases any product, it will create new topic for that product and add buyer to corresponding user group. It will also send welcome message informing buyer about how they will receive support and what to do when they need it.

Also it will not interfere with direct usages of this platform and hence you will be able to create new topics, create user groups etc.. directly as well. This can be a huge thing for many sellers who are selling digital and downloadable products through woocommerce.