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WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifier Extension

WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifier: With a growing demand of adding more and more custom status to woocommerce order management has recentlyled to a development of a new plugin called WooCommerce Custom Order Status Manager and Control. As we all understand that all shop are not same and many of us has complicated order management system and hence more flexibility was needed.  These extensions provided us with the flexibility we wanted but have missed one of the key feature and that is email notification to buyer.

We strongly feel that emails need to be the integral part of those extensions but woothemes decided to sell them separately but fortunately for all our club members this will be free of course. Just grab the copy now and install on your woocommerce store to take full advantages of your custom statuses. After installation, you will have a cool new feature whenever you try to change the status where you will have two options.

One is comment regarding status where you can give reason for status change like out of stock or delayed shipment and another is weather or not you want to send email notification to buyer. Comments will be visible to buyer and you can also include them in email notification of you wish.