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WooCommerce jPlayer product sampler Extension

WooCommerce jPlayer product sampler: We have seen many innovative ways of selling products using woocommerce like photography, bookings and subscriptions. And now we believe that possibilities are endless as now we have a plugin like this. You can simply install this plugin and start showing your work to the world using jplayer built into it.

This can be very useful plugin for singers and videographers who wants to sell their digital content using woocommerce. There is a high possibility that a visitor will buy your album or video if you can give them the short preview of your work. WooCommerce jplayer product sampler will let you display exactly the same to your visitors.

After installation, you can upload your work and this extension will give short preview you have uploaded. It does not require any specific tools as jplayer is hosted on your server and runs from your server. Further you have full control of the player. You can customize the looks using various skin available or can upload new ones, place player as per your requirement using shortcodes and hooks that comes with plugin and woocommerce. Now this is available to all our artist club members free of cost as a part of club memebrship.