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WooCommerce Clockwork SMS Notifications Extension

WooCommerce Clockwork SMS Notifications: We have just added one of the most widely used SMS notification plugin fro woocommerce using Twilio and has been sold more than 100 times in just few days. With introduction of that plugin, some of our customer shouted for Clockwork version of same and we are glad we can fulfill their demand now.

WooCommerce Clockwork SMS Notification works almost exactly same way as Twilio module and helps you send SMS notifications to your customer regarding various updates on their order like shipment, delay etc. Instead of using Twilio you need to take services from Clockwork and need to have account and active plan with them to use it.

Once installed and activated, just provide API access provided by Clockwork and define your SMS templates and you are all set to send automatic SMS notifications using Clockwork using woocommerce.